L’Équipage is a media production company passionate about human stories. It brings together a team of production staff, screenwriters, researchers, directors and image and sound artists. It was born out of a common desire to create a place for exchange between disciplines, a research and development platform that encourages the emergence of new writings and the discovery of little-known worlds.

The need to resist a certain uniformity of vision has brought us together around a conviction: visual and sound writing allows, in the extent of their forms, to invest new territories. We wish to produce projects that reflect unsuspected realities in communities elsewhere and here, in a variety of formats.


From writing to post-production, from the idea to its technical implementation, L’Équipage offers a collaborative approach to work and the pooling of knowledge and know-how. In this way, we hope to open a unique space for authors to reflect and create, a place conducive to dialogue.

L’Équipage presents works that promote a new vision of reality and question with happy concern what it means today to be and to inhabit the world.


Passionate about human stories, Julie Lapointe works in the media industry since 2000. Through multiple television, radio, event production experiences and a human resources education, Julie have gained extensive skills in project management over the last twenty years. As producer, production director and assistant director, to name a few, she has actively collaborated on projects for television, radio and the new media, broadcasted on channels in Quebec and Canada, such as TV5, Radio-Canada, Télé-Québec, ARTV, Canal D, APTN and Tou.tv. All of these experiences have helped her develop strong organizational, communication and leadership skills, as well as the ability to be a real team player. She can count on talented and creative collaborators.



Mathieu Cyr anime une émission de planche à roulettes à TV5

15 mars 2020

Mathieu Cyr anime une émission de planche à roulettes à TV5

15 mars 2020


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